Website Principles : Your Startup Idea


As your first project, we will be building a website for a startup idea. More details to this later, but let’s focus on the below content.

There are 2 major purpose of any website:

  1. Inform visitors about your product / service
  2. Convert visitors into your business’s customer

It is of essential importance for a web developer to understand these basics, in order to build high converting websites for the following benefits :

  1. The Full Stack Developer with website design sense is more likely to get freelancing gigs than others who can’t design high converting websites.
  2. Every Ecommerce company & startup wants to hire a developer who can get more customers through their website or landing page.
  3. Always beneficial if you want to start your own startup.

We are going to cover these principles in this module through the below tasks

Your Tasks:

  1. Read the Documentation: Landing Page Conversion (at least 3 times)
  2. Go visit websites of 10 unicorns of India of your choice and try relating it to the documentation that’s attached above

P.S – Unicorn = Startup with valuation > 1B$