Getting feedback on your page

Once you have your landing page draft, pass it by two types of reviewers: 

  • People not in your market — Learn how appealing and comprehensible your copy is to those who aren’t familiar with your market or product. Do you give them enough context to want to know more? This will help cover the common problem where your site over-assumes base-level knowledge on behalf of your audience. This is important because there may be a lot of people on the edge of your market who’d become customers if they merely better understood why they should be.
  • People in your market — Learn if your messaging is sufficiently unique and Growth Handbook: How to write landing pages descriptive to convince people high in intent to choose you over the competition.

For both of these audiences, ask them to assess these six criteria for you:

  • Conversion — Are you willing to hand over your credit card and sign up right now? If not, what would you need to see to get to that point?
  • Interest — Rate how well the page sustained your interest on a scale of 1-10. What do you suggest be rewritten or redesigned to help it better sustain your interest? 
  • Clarity — What’s unclear? What unanswered questions are you left with?
  • Expansion — Did you find something awesome you wanted even more details on?
  • Brevity — If you had to delete half the page’s imagery and copy, which would it be?
  • Disbelief — What triggered your “Untrue! That’s scammy sales speak!” reflex?