Homepage approach

Think of a landing page’s creation from the perspective of a visitor’s likelihood to convert. We can think about conversion as an equation:
ConversionRate = Desire – Labor – Confusion
In other words, to increase the rate of conversion, we increase the visitor’s desire while decreasing their labor and confusion.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Increase desire — Entice visitors with how much value you provide. Create intrigue. Pitch your product in a way that successfully resonates.
  • Decrease labor — Reduce the work your visitors have to perform so they don’t get tired or annoyed and leave prematurely. How? Be concise and ensure every word and design element is of value.
  • Decrease confusion — Don’t confuse visitors with obscure or verbose messaging. Ensure every sentence can be easily understood. And make it self-evident which action they should take next (e.g. signup or buy). Ensure the design of your action elements (e.g. buttons) are unmissable.

The implication is that the first step in creating a landing page is not actually to design the page. Instead, it’s to first hone your message. You then back out from that message to what it is you should say and, only at the end, what it should look like.
In other words, growth is not a design-first process. It’s almost always messaging-first.