Landing page template

Finally, we’ve arrived at the landing page template. Sorry I took so long to get here. Start with the following template and only detour away from it if you’ve already nailed its implementation and want to A/B test variations:

  1. Navbar:The top of the page — where your logo and navigation links are.
  2. Hero: The main section at the top of the page, which includes your header text, subheader text, and captivating imagery.
  3. Social proof: Logos of press coverage or your well-known customers.
  4. Call-to-action (CTA): Your signup button and a concise incentive to click it.
  5. Features and objections: Your key value propositions fully written out.
  6. Repeat your call-to-action
  7. Footer: Miscellaneous links.

Here it is visualized:

I’ll walk through and thoroughly teach you each section. As I do that, keep open in a new tab so you can follow along. Their site, which my agency wrote and designed, roughly follows this landing page template.